Last updated August 18, 2021.

One of my main hobbies is puzzlehunts. They’re a little hard to describe, but generally, a puzzlehunt puzzle is some data that usually doesn’t come with direct instructions. Figuring out what to do is part of the puzzle, and it will usually be obvious when you are doing the right thing. Puzzles come in all sorts of forms, but will always result in an answer, which is usually an English word or phrase. See this post for a more detailed introduction.

I’ve been solving puzzlehunts since 2010, and normally try to fly in for MIT Mystery Hunt, which is the biggest puzzlehunt of the year. Here are some Mystery Hunt related things I’ve written:

I’ve also written some puzzles. My more recent puzzles are better than my old ones, but I’m including everything for completeness.



  • MIT Mystery Hunt 2013