Last updated December 25, 2019.

I currently work at Google as a Software Engineer on the Robotics at Google team, which is part of Google Brain. The views expressed on this blog are personal opinions, and do not reflect the opinions of my employer.

My main research interest is deep reinforcement learning, although recently I’ve also done work in sim-to-real robot learning, and have interests in imitation learning and model-based RL. I like thinking about what’s necessary to make deep RL applicable to more real-world problems.

Before joining Google, I was an undergrad at UC Berkeley. In 2016, I graduated from the Computer Science program with a 4.0 in major GPA. At Berkeley, I did undergraduate research in the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab, mentored by Pieter Abbeel and working most closely with John Schulman. I was also a TA for CS 70, the introductory discrete math and probability course.

During undergrad, I was very unsure whether I wanted to keep doing research, so I applied to the Google AI Residency Program. After I got in, I decided I’d try it for a year, then decide what to do. I ended up deciding to stay at Google full-time.

In 2016, I was an Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

As someone who started as a math major, I’ve always had a soft spot for theoretical computer science. Outside of machine learning, I enjoy complexity theory, theoretical cryptography, and mathematical logic.

This site double as my personal blog. Posts range from discussion about machine learning to observations of my life and stupid jokes. I post whenever I have the time and motivation to do so, meaning not very often. Historically I average about one post per month.

In my free time, I primarily play card games, play video games, or participate in puzzle hunts. My main game is Dominion, which I play competitively. At my best, I was in the top 20 worldwide. I’m also prone to joining fandoms. I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (which has officially concluded), and most of my music library is still made of Touhou music.

If you’re here for my blog, you’re probably here for my post about why deep RL doesn’t work, which is by far my most popular, but while you’re visiting, why don’t you read my post about the Neopets economy?