Last updated January 24, 2018

Did you know there’s a brony music scene?

It’s a really weird scene. It had its heyday around Season 2 and Season 3, when MLP was A Big Thing on the Internet. Since then, it’s quieted down, but the music scene is certainly still going. As a sign of the times it came from, the songs lean heavily towards techno and dubstep.

Like the Touhou music scene, it was spawned from the primordial soup of inexplicable fandom. However, there are fewer songs in the source canon, meaning several brony songs are actually entirely original pieces that were simply inspired by the show. More importantly, Hasbro cares a lot more about copyright than ZUN does. This makes it a lot harder for musicians to profit off their work. Finally, many of the artists are one-hit wonders - they made a few very popular songs at peak MLP hype, and then they moved on.

I would on average recommend a Touhou song over an MLP song, but there’s still some cool stuff out there.

To keep this recs list shorter, every artist gets at most one song. In some cases, the original artist changed their label - in these cases I use their label name at the time the song was released.

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